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Genuine Curiosity, Earning the Next 30 Sec, and More Practical Sales Tips, Sell ChatGPT This Pen 7

EP 7


Join us in our latest podcast episode where we have the privilege of hosting Josh Klatz, a dynamic leader with an impressive history in Enterprise sales. Josh brings his vast experience in leading and growing high-performing sales teams across various industries to our discussion. With his commitment to coaching and mentorship, he has managed over 100 sales professionals throughout his career, many of whom have moved into leadership roles themselves.

In our enlightening conversation, Josh imparts his expertise in areas like enterprise sales, training and enablement, leadership, and change management. He also shares invaluable tips and tricks on enhancing sales performance, including a unique technique from his early days: treating every segment of a cold call conversation as an opportunity to earn the next 30 seconds.

He also talks about the importance of genuine curiosity - as a way to learn important details about your customer to keep your message helpful and exciting. From getting a potential customer to answer the phone, to securing a discovery call or booking a demo, he insists that adding a sense of curiosity is instrumental in driving success in sales.

Tune in for these insights and more, as Josh Klatz shares his wisdom on pushing performance to its limits and unlocking sales potential.